Acer Aspire M1641-U1521A


Acer Aspire M1641-U1521A – micro tower – Pentium E2180 2 GHz Upgraded

  • PC Desktop Computer
  • Intel Pentium E2180 / 2 GHzReady to work.
  • 4.0 Gb RAM
  • IDE HDD 160 GB.
  • 6 USB Ports 2.0
  • Multi-Card reader including SD and Sony MS Duo among others.
  • Windows 10
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Libre Office Software
  • Microsoft Explorer and Edge
  • This pre-owned product has been professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by NHC-qualified suppliers.
  • Working fine, you can create enriched text documents and Calc Spreadsheets, among others.
  • There will be few visible cosmetic imperfections when held at arm’s length.
  • The computer only, Power Cord, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor available at low price.
  • Delivery available in Hamilton area.
  • This computer has a smoke smell, buy only if you like this smell.
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