Who Are We?

We are a team of people with extensive experience in the management, installation, configuration and troubleshooting of compatible PC computing equipment and its peripherals, with decades of experience repairing computers and in installing both wired and wireless networks.

Problem-solving is our passion.

Our current commitment is to avoid as much as possible that computer equipment is discarded and goes to waste, we can give life to many computers that are considered obsolete, the parts that cannot be reused will be destined for better recycling, avoiding that batteries and other highly polluting components go to waste directly.

All the computers we fix can be sold at a preferable price for people in need of a low cost working computer.

Among computer repair, New Hope Computer is also dedicated to hosting and creat different types of WEB pages at a low cost, and in some cases with preferential discounts for people who, due to the current situation, need to support their business with the different tools available on the Internet.

With a premium hosting server including one of the best under-radar hosting companies you might not know about, excellent speed, reliable uptime, and friendly customer service, security features are plentiful, among various developing licenses included, Softaculus Installer, Elementor among many others.

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